MGMT Personnel and Human Resources

Paper details:In this discussion, we will be referring back to what you have answered for Q2 in Discussion #3. So, go back to the Discussion #3 post that you have submitted, and review what you have answered for Q2.

Q2 Following are the three most critical tasks to be performed:

Following are the three most critical tasks to be performed:
Confer with customers by telephone or in-person to provide information about products or services, take or enter orders, cancel accounts, or obtain details of complaints.
The marketing of the new entertainment park will be needed. It will be essential to assign some team members to provide information about the entertainment centre over the phone or in person. This will ensure awareness amongst potential clientele.

Refer unresolved customer grievances to designated departments for further investigation.
Grievance redressal is an imperative task in any business. A small part of the customer service representatives’ team will focus on grievance handling. Any customer complaints against product malfunction, unsatisfactory service, misbehaviour by the on-site team will have to be handled by customer service reps. This will ensure happy customers and provide a competitive advantage.

Recommend improvements in products, packaging, shipping, service, or billing methods and procedures to prevent future problems.
Since customer service representatives will be in constant contact with the customers, they will be perfectly positioned to recommend changes.If you have not participated in Discussion #3, you need to go back to Discussion #3, read the instructions, and find an answer for Q2.

Then, provide responses to the following steps. Label your answers with Step 1, Step 2, etc. I need to see you answered everything! You will not be given credit if I am unsure of whether or not you answered it.

Step 1) Remind your classmates of the job (or occupation) that you have chosen for Discussion #3 and the three tasks that you have selected to be the most important in Q2. If you have not participated in Discussion #3, state the job that you have chosen and list the three most important tasks for this job (based on what you have found in the summary report in O*Net).

Step 2) Now, read the section ’Performance Measurement Methods’ in Chapter 8 of our textbook (from pages 187 to 192). If you are a manager that needs to evaluate the performance of employees for this job, which two methods described in this section seem to be the best in evaluating the three tasks that you have identified in Q2 in Discussion #3? Why?

Step 3) In terms of evaluating the three tasks, what are some advantages and disadvantages of the two methods that you have chosen in Step 2?

Step 4) Let’s assume that there are four managers who evaluate the employees in the job that you have chosen. After observing the performance appraisal process and analyzing the evaluation results, you have found out that each manager is susceptible to a different rater error that is listed below. The explanation of these errors is provided in the section ’Human Biases Errors’ in Chapter 8 of our textbook (from pages 198 to 199).

Manager A: Recency Effect
Manager B: Leniency Error
Manager C: Halo Effect
Manager D: Contrast Effect
Choose two managers from above. And list some practices that can be incorporated into the performance appraisal process to mitigate the errors that the two managers are susceptible to.

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