Mental Health in America

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Using the attached Assignment #6 – Discussion and Conclusion (TEMPLATE), conclude your study by providing a thorough discussion of key findings, as well as any recommendations for further research. In this section of your study, you will include the following information:
Introduction (this introduction forms the transition, not an introduction to the study itself. State the purpose of the section and then present the following sub-sections)
Discussion (what are the implications for the proposed hypotheses [for quantitative studies] or research questions [for qualitative or quantitative studies], the previous literature and the wider communities of interest?)
Conclusion (researchers can discuss as many as four categories of recommendations for further studies. Each category reflects back on one of the previous sub-sections; the three most common categories of recommendations include those:
developed directly from the data
Derived from methodological, research design or other limitations of the study
To investigate issues not supported by the data but relevant to the problem being studied)
Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (6th edition).
Attached is an example of a completed Discussion and Conclusion section from a previous student’s capstone project.

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