Mental Health and Illness: Effects on Community

Paper details:Mental Health and Illness (Main Topic)
Effects on Community (Subtopic) Main Focus

Nursing research paper. Instructions/rubric attached: APA format. 500-word abstract, 2000-word body, conclusion, references.

Specific professor instructions:
*Intro: Mention Umbrella topic (Mental Health and illness) somewhere in the introduction
*Conclusion: Summary, nursing process, talk about Nursing, -future impact, current, future implications, mention nursing (nurse role advancing where). Add independent thought.

The assignment requires title, table of contents, abstract (250-350 words/1-2 paragraphs), Body (2000) words) with in text citations, reference page (7 references) 3 web based, 4 scholarly

I have added the rubric and instructions.
I have added 5 scholarly references, need 3 more-can be web based

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