Media Coverage Assessment Paper

CAFS 440

Media Coverage Assessment Paper

Criteria for an Optimal Grade

Before you submit your 4-page paper for a grade, review the items below and ask yourself the questions indicated.  For an optimal grade, you need to include ALL of the following information.

  1. Citation of Resources: (5 Points)

For maximum points: 

All citation follows APA (6th ed.) format.

Refer to APA manual for formatting and citing correctly.

  • Purpose of the Study (15 Points)

For maximum points:

Explain the purpose of your assessment of the particular family policy issue presented in the media. Why is this an issue? How is it report reported in the media? Is there bias in the reportage of the policy?

Present the common perspectives of the various media coverage, as well as the differences in coverage.

  • Target Audience of the policy(20 points)

For maximum points:

Provide complete information about the subjects/audience of this particular policy. Is the policy targeting low income families? Is it targeting children, parents?  Have you included information re: the number, sex, age, SES, location, etc. that is provided in the coverage?

  • Methods and Procedures of coverage(20 points)

For maximum points:

Describe how the author(s) reported on the policy issue for the entire 4 week period. Did they present facts and figures about the policy? Did the policy get a lot of media coverage? Did they (media) present their own opinion about the policy? Did they (media) give viewers/readers the opportunity to make their own decision about the policy? Did you state the start and end date of your media assessment?

  •  Discussion (20 Points)

For maximum points:

Your overall impression about the 4 different print, internet, and electronic sources and how the policy was covered

Provide implications of the policy issue for families

Summarize all the media sources you used and how they reported on the policy.

  • Critique and Personal Reflection (15 points)

For maximum points:

  1. Identify and discuss limitations the author(s) cited about the family policy issue.
  2. What do you think the media did in covering the family policy issue that they shouldn’t have done?
  3. If you were to work in the media, how would you have presented this policy issue differently?
  4. What new thing have you learned from this family policy issue?
  5. What new thing have you learned from how the media covers issues relating to families
  • Grammar and APA (5 points)

For maximum points:

  1. Article citation follows APA (7th ed.) format and is error free.
  2. The title page and running head are in correct APA format.
  3. Paper is double spaced throughout.
  4. Paper has 1 (one) inch margins.
  5. Correct headings are used in your paper.  Correct headings are those used
  6. There are no secondary source citations in the paper.
  7. Paper is free of all grammatical and spelling errors.

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