Maryville BSN to DNP admission essay

I have had a deep compulsion for nursing since childhood. My mother served as a nurse practitioner in a local hospital and would narrate her healthcare experiences. My mother would tell me beautiful stories of how she tended patients and made them feel good after returning from duty. My mother also extended her nursing practice in the community by helping unprivileged people or educating the community on healthy lifestyles. In my mind, I knew a nurse as a leader, a person that can stir up change in society and empower the weak. The intimate relationship my mother fostered in my childhood made the nursing profession in my life a calling. My mother ignited a massive and eternal career fire that burns inside me every day of my life. I decided to follow my mum’s footsteps but to achieve more than she has in terms of career and qualifications. Fortunately, I am on the right track to date.

I kept the fire burning in my early learning and later joined Camden County College and completed in May 2016, where I majored in biology. I managed to join Thomas Jefferson University, where I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and graduated in May 2018. My university learning experience has played a fundamental role in shaping and enhancing my desire for advancement in healthcare delivery. I have savored the concepts, theories and processes I have learned throughout my campus life. The university experience has also equipped me with nursing skills and boosted my understanding of the profession. My encounter with students from different backgrounds in the campus has also enhanced my love for nursing and gave me additional insights into the career. I attribute my sensational nursing practice record to the awesome educational experience I have had at Thomas Jefferson University.

I remember we once had an educational trip to a military camp while at the university. I met a psychiatric professional on the tour who stimulated my desire to deal with mental issues. The nurse guided me on the practices they provided and showed me how a qualified nurse matters to a mental health patient. I also realized that few doctoral nurses are in the field, yet many parts of the country have mentally challenged patients. Mentally challenged patients may be unaware of their state and may turn to other activities such as drug-taking, theft, or even killing themselves to escape reality. With a doctoral certificate, I knew I could establish my mental health center, and that’s what I decided to do after my graduation. 

I have worked as a Registered nurse with several institutions after my graduation. My knowledge, skills, and commitment to nursing have significantly risen due to my nursing practice experience. I have met patients from different backgrounds and provided quality medical services. I have worked with Crozer Keystone Health System,Haven Behavioral Hospital, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, and Einstein Crisis Response Center. While serving in the Crozer Keystone Health System, my cousin got a car accident and was referred to my workplace. He had severely injured his head and lost a lot of blood. It was a very emotional moment, but I had to stay strong for my family’s sake. After undergoing surgery, my cousin lost his memory and became emotionally fragile. He could not remember his name, his family, or friends. He also had nightmares and was frightened by sounds such as banging the door or car sounds. Although I managed to help my cousin out of his condition, I pitied him and pictured how mental problems can doom people’s lives. I felt I need to advance my career in assisting people with similar issues.

I have managed to develop and implement treatment plans for mental health patients I have encountered. I particularly find interest in helping drugs and substance abuse patients. I believe happiness is the greatest gift that can spark change in people’s life. I have aided emotionally challenged patients to find satisfaction in the simple things nature provides. I also guide mental health patients in decision making and help initiate a permanent transition in life. I have a former patient that runs a food grocery that was once a drug addict patient. What I did is making her realize that she has great potential and left the rest to her. She now supplies fresh foods to people to reduce diet-related illnesses, an idea that I cultivated in her. I believe I will help many people exploit their talents if I advance my health techniques.

Research indicates that psychiatric cases continuously increase while the medical equipment slotted for the condition is low. Patients with depression, anxiety, and stress report to the hospital at a higher rate than others with a different state from experience. Mental disorders are on the rise, and the registered nurses with the skills to combat diseases are relatively small in numbers. I desire to enroll in DNP to educate potential nurses and attract them to psychiatric discipline (Larkin, et al.). Mentoring students in schools can help draw more nurses in the sector. I also aspire to join organizations that screen potential mental health patients before their situation escalates.

I believe I am yet to explore my talents and inspire change in the universe until I pursue a doctoral certificate. I desire to enhance my leadership skills and mentor people in choosing to nurse. I am aware the world needs nurses, and I am a catalyst that can spark up change in the nursing profession. I can also set up my clinic in areas where they cannot access medical services or tour around the world to provide services to unprivileged communities. My ambitions align with what Maryville University offers, and I believe together, we can forge a new world. I sincerely feel Maryville will help nurture my compassionate and professional services beyond imagination.

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