Martin Luther and The Reformation

Initiated in 1517 by a German monk named Martin Luther, the Reformation fundamentally changed Europe, both religiously and politically. Our first Writing Assignment, which shall consist of a research paper of 5-7 pages, shall be about the Reformation. We shall learn about the Reformation in class, and you shall read about the Reformation in our textbook. The paper, which must be submitted electronically, is due on Saturday, February 26, at 11:59 pm.Let us briefly consider some of the technical aspects of this assignment before moving to the actual content of your paper. Please consider the following:Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, typed, double-space, 12-pt font. Please format your paper according to Chicago Style. Provide a title-page, 5-7 pages of text with footnotes, and a bibliography. Be sure to support your main points with properly referenced citations to external sources. Your paper should draw from at least four (4) legitimate, peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. 

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