Marriage Enrichment Planning | Part 2 – Interview #1: 1-4 Years of Marriage

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Order instructions:Marriage Enrichment Planning | Part 2 – Interview #1: 1-4 Years of Marriage
• couple married between 1-4 years
• Create interview questions that cover information related to at least all of the following:
o Cultural influences on marriage
o Faith influences on marriage
o Challenges
o Strategies that have helped to maintain a healthy marriage
o How they navigate conflict
o Impact of blending family traditions and practices
o Expectations of marriage vs. reality of marriage
o Best times in their marriage
o Their views on the results of their assessments
• Conduct the interview taking notes of responses to questions and non-verbal engagement
• Submit a summary of the interview before the deadline that includes:
o Interview Questions
o The interviewee’s responses to questions
o 1-2 page (350-700 words) reflection paper regarding the interview.
 Reflection paper should contain description of your interviewing experience. It is not reiteration of the couple’s responses to the questions, rather it is reflection of what you learned as an interviewer, your reflections on marriage, how you excelled as an interviewer, how you would improve as an interviewer, what your take-aways from the experience are, and the like.
• Resources

• Summary of the interview
• Reflection Paper
o Word Count: 700 words

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