Marketing Assessment Presentation

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Assignment Content

-The executive leadership team of your focus business has tasked you, the brand/product manager, to create a presentation that analyzes a recent advertisement and suggests improvements to increase the brand’s market share. The team will use the information to make an informed decision for a future marketing campaign to increase the market share. Now that you’ve successfully completed a branding/positioning strategy and business case, it’s time to focus specifically on advertising and/or sales promotions efforts to drive improvements.

-Develop a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes and visuals recommending an advertisement or sales promotion by your focus business or a similar business.

Include the following in your presentation:
-The name of your focus business (or similar business) and a descriiption
-An advertising or sales promotion you recommend
-An assessment of the creative strengths and weaknesses of your advertisement or sales promotion
-The type of research you will use to show whether the public response is positive or negative. Consider the following: What kind of media buzz did the ad generate? IE: publicity, free articles, mention in trade journals, blog articles, YouTube TM views, etc.
-Applicable recommendations for additional advertising strategy improvements to increase the market share of your selected business
-Your justification of the research or analytics you’ll use to support your marketing decisions

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