Louis Vuitton

Paper details:

Topic: Louis Vuitton

The discussion of the paper is about using both Value Chain & RBV Analysis to analyze Louis Vuitton firm value.

1.For the value chain analysis you will look at Louis Vuitton and analyze how much value they extract from each section of their business. If you will notice, the value chain is organized almost like departments in an organization, and some firms will extract more or less value from different sources.

2. You will write about Resource Based Group (RBV). You will locate a variety of resources from the firm and determine how firms are extracting value from them.

3. You will write about VRIN framework (Valuable, Rare, Inimitable, and Nonsubstitutable) to determine where the resources fall within that framework.

4. The class is Business Strategy & Policy

5. The textbook is Grant, R.M. (2016). Contemporary Strategy Analysis 9th Edition, Wiley
ISBN 978-1-119-12084-1

6. Include in text citation and reference page

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