Life in Brazil

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Thomas Ewbank was an Englishman who immigrated to the United States and made his fortune in lead, copper, and tin manufacturing before devoting himself to the study of mechanics. He traveled to Brazil in 1845 and 1846 and wrote an account of his experiences that became widely-read in England and the United States. Life in Brazil reflected extensively on the topic of slavery. Ewbank’s writings attracted the interest of international abolitionists and became a factor in campaigns to end Brazilian slavery. In this excerpt he describes some of the techniques used to punish slaves, and reflects on the prevalence of slave suicides.

Read the attached document and answer the following questions:
1. What do the masks, shackles, and chains Ewbank describes tell us about the nature of relationships between enslaved workers and slave-owners?
2. What types of working conditions does Ewbank describe on the plantations he visited?

You should NOT use any outside sources beyond the actual documents to complete this assignment. It is intended to be your own analysis and reflections, not based on what you found on the internet.

Each questions must be answered in full sentences and paragraphs and a minimum of a 150 word response (approximately 1/2 page). Even if the assignment has multiple questions, your total response is still a minimum of 150 words (not 150 words per question). Retyping the question, headers, and long quotes are not counted toward your minimum required response.

Please copy/paste the question and put your response below in a 12 point font. If there are multiple questions, then you should copy question #1, put your answer below it, then copy question #2, put your answer below it, and so on. Any direct quotes used from the document should be put in quotation marks but it does not need a citation. Since you are only allowed to use the primary (attached) document as your source, you only need to put quotation marks around the direct quote. All other parts of your response should be in your own words. Copying a sentence and changing a few words in that sentence is plagiarism, so be sure you are careful in your submissions.

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