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Have jotted the main points in point form and need your help to link them up into a professional life account biography that is able to capture the audience and touch their hearts. This is an account of someone who’s fate turn for the worse right after her marriage. The sacrifices she made. She has 2 elder brothers but they shifted out. There were minimal help from them in taking care of the father. She had to take up the family responsibility financially and physically. Here are the points:
– Got married in 2019, 31st March
– Shortly after, in April, Dad was hospitalised and was diagnosed with chronic heart failure, end stage kidney disease, heart arrhythmia which require pacemaker installer in this chest.
– The 9 days worth of hospitalisation bill amounted to 120k and none of the kids were willing to help. No choice, my husband took the initiative to pay the bill on top of our wedding a month ago. My dad was not subsided by any insurance (all thanks to one of my cousins who used to be an insurance agent. He changed my parents existing hospitalisation policies to other investment policies and left my poor parents with minimal medical coverage)
– During this challenging and stressful period, I’ve developed multiple panic attacks that causes strong nausea whenever i wake up in the morning and no medication seems to help. This lasted for the next 4 months.
– After my dad’s discharge, my husband and I became the main caregiver of my dad.
– We have our own house but we couldnt stay. We had to be cramped in a very small study room (since Andy’s room has bern fully occupied with boxes of precious moments and Lawrence hasnt shifted out yet) and we slept there for the next 3 years.
– My daily life revolves around my dad. Preparing his daily medication and meals for him, controlling his water intake
– Whenever he is down with a fever or fall down, he will lose his strength to walk completely and we have to assist him and shower him.
– He is not an easy man to deal with. He does things that he is not supposed to do and eat things that will affect his health directly. I spend the day closely monitoring him and head to work in the evening
– Staycation has never been something that i can enjoy with my husband. If we leave home, no one will take over in taking care of him.
– Our couple time has been sacrificed ever since we got married. We did not have time for ourselves except on weekend during meal time.
– In the evening, my husband had to force an unwillingly father in law to go for a 30 mins exercise.
– 2021 his condition deteriorated further. He had mild stroke and was diagnosed with dementia 2 months later. Shortly after he was hospitalised due to bacteria infection in his blood.
– After these episode, he became fully dependent on us. Shouting and demanding for things ever min. I did not even have time for myself
– Assisting him from point to point, showering him, feeding him, ensuring he eats enough, or doesnt pick his food.
– He wakes up every 30’mins in the middle of the night and request for food. We cant get our peaceful rest
– Despite having no strength to walk, he stubbornly gets out of bed and kept walking around the house without sparing a thought for the caregiver. The min he falls, he will give you 100% of his body with zero help on his end, to carry him up. He is 88kg.
– Relatives around us have no idea what we are going through and kept asking why my husband and i still doesnt wanna start family planning and have a baby. Do we have the time? Are we ready financially? On top of my dad’s costly medical expenses that we are paying 6k every month without fail? No one knows and people jumped into conclusion that its most probably we cant conceive.
– Everyday, i wake up at 7:30am to an angry old man demanding for breakfast. Should the breakfast be something that is not pleasing to him, he will start scolding vulgarities. No choice, he has a restricted diet, we just had to bite the bullet and make sure he doesnt demand his way but to eat the decent breakfast that he should be eating. I will then start to prepare lunch ingredients and cook lunch. Each meal there will be 3-4 dishes with 1 soup. However, he doesnt like homecook food and only wants to eat out. We dont want to inculcate such bad habit in him and continue to prepare home cooked food. The only time we get outside food for him is during the weekends. Hence on weekdays, every meal is a struggle with him. He yell and make a big fuss, spit food, refuse food and that used up a lot of our time.
– He is no longer the father that i used to know. He became very unreasonable, grumpy, irritating and annoying. I no longer look forward seeing him everyday.

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