License or collaboration?

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What is the difference between a fashion brand/product license (licensing) and a fashion brand collaboration? Be very clear in differentiating the two terms.
Explain this thoroughly. What are the benefits of each, downsides to each?
Provide very specific examples (fashion related ONLY).
Comment on at least 2 other students’ posts.
You will find all the information you need in the textbook, lectures and videos (this is discussed in the video RUNWAY – in Chapter 9 module – which I see many of you did not watch!)

*Reference all of the content in your textbook and content in the modules to answer this question. Don’t just Google it and cut and paste. Anything plagiarized will not be accepted as a response and will result in “0” points.

* This should be a thoughtful and informed response to the question, utilizing your skills to connect the content of the class so far, and should directly relate to fashion/designer brands – do not reference food brands, car brands, etc. This should be a clear understanding of fashion licensing and fashion brand collaborations.

* Spell & Grammar Check Your Post Before Posting!

* Review rubric before posting.

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