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Prince Ea – Everybody dies, but not everybody lives ( subtitulado español )

From this video by Pepe Tiros Productions people are not afraid of death as reaching their end and realize they never truly lived. Dreams are not chosen; a dream chooses a person and when it does it should be pursued. If you want something, your will do all it takes to get it.  Nothing good is gotten easily without struggle and criticism. The most painful thing is being haunted by the regret of not doing something that you could have done some time back.

These concepts of the video are important as they help a person to evade undergoing the resentment of living with regrets of not pursuing their passion. Fighting for what you believe regardless of the obstacles that may be faced may help in not giving up on a business career even when things get tough.

What is Business Law: Definition and Overview

Business law is a set of regulations that dictate how a company can be formed and run. Rules established in business law are universal. The name one chooses for their business is crucial. When deciding on the strategy to apply in advertising consumer protection law should be reviewed first. It is common for business parties to dispute or disagree on how an agreement should be performed. 

Good understanding of the business law is essential as it will help in avoiding violation of business ethics.  The concept of consumer protection law comes in hand for business as it helps in maintaining good relations between competitors. The business law makes it easy for the establishment and running a business smoothly.

Episode 1.1: Introduction to Critical Thinking (revised)

Critical thinking is not criticizing. Critical thinking is judicious reasoning about what to believe and what actions to take after that. Exercising critical thinking is not an easy process even though one might be a rational thinker. The goal of critical thinking is not just to accept or decline a proposal. The goal is to evaluate all the parts of a claim and understand on what grounds it stands. Critical thinking is a problem-solving tool.

The above concepts are important as they portray the good that comes from entrepreneurs thinking critically. The objective of critical thinking is essential for any business career as it provides solutions to challenges faced. Through critical thinking, one may come up with a business idea out of a challenge. 

Episode 1.5: What is an Argument?

When giving an argument, it is important to give reasons for your conclusion. A claim failing to give reasons as to why it states as it does is not an argument. Forms of persuasion include arguments or non-arguments. Emotional appeal is a type of claim that is not an argument as it does not offer rational premises for the conclusion. An argument should not be biased or power to persuade.

Understanding the forms of persuasion is important as one can see which one is more likely to lure people into giving in. Businesses that convince customers by arguments will certainly fetch a larger market as the customers get to understand why the business claims to be the best for instance.

Contract Law – Remedies for Breach of Contract Part 1 

Damages are the most common contract law remedy. They can be considered from two different points of view: one is liquidated or unliquidated damages. The purpose of the unliquidated damages is to compensate the plaintiff of the loss incurred from breach of contract. Liquidated damage is where involved parties have agreed on a certain sum of money to be paid if the contract is breached. It is more of intended to frighten parties from breaching their agreement. The figure that parties agreed upon will determine whether the clause fall on the side of liquidated damages clause or penalty clause.

The above concepts are important as they explain to a business how to go about a breach of contract. Agreeing to a significant amount of many to be paid by the party that breaks the contract may reduce chances of a breach. This ensures the business entity is intact in accomplishing its mission. This may also be viewed as an income generating opportunity, in case the contract is broken no loss is incurred, but rather the company is paid.

Tech Start-Up Legal Issues 5: Hiring a Lawyer: Video

As soon as a tech-business has a technological idea that it wants to put in the company, it should opt to hire a lawyer.  Picking up the best lawyer is not easy; one has to do their homework real well. Despite the hundreds and hundreds of lawyers in the market on a handful are well conversant with legal guidelines for technology start-ups. Although best lawyers are very busy, they do not want to miss out on great opportunities. It is important before hiring a lawyer to meet them in person so as to know if they are excited to work for you.

These concepts are important as at any one point a business will require legal advice. Having a lawyer who has been will the company from the start is a guarantee that the legal actions they recommend will be for the best interest of the business. Knowing if the lawyer you hire to represent your business is excited to work for you help in making sure that you both hold to the end of your agreements.

Tech Start-Up Legal Issues 7: A Founder’s Advice: Video 

From this video, the CEO of Boxee can define his product in such a way that anyone can easily understand its purpose. He is a product in able to sell out his product by politely comparing it with smart TVs.  By Avner Ronen explaining where his business idea came from it can be seen that he has entrepreneurial skill and ones he identified the idea he went for it. Ronen suggests New York is the best place to for a tech start-up, because of the variety of other industries it has and the large population.

The above concepts are important as they depict the characteristics of a real entrepreneur. Opting to start a business in a particular city because of it population is vital as it will help the business in knowing the age group that offers a large market.

Tech Start-Up Legal Issues 2: Finding Financing: Video 

Best sources for growth capital when starting a business is from friends and family. If you do not have wealthy friends and relatives, the second best place to get money is from angel network investors in the city. In the early stages of a business, one is supposed to be smart in looking for the best investors. Business starters should be aware and have the right answer to the questions angel investors will pose to them. Whatever money offered by an investor is valuable so long as the business’s equity is not given away.

These concepts are important as they motivate starters not to be hesitant in fetching money in all possible ways. When looking for investors for a loan under no circumstances should the sell a business’s entity be an option. This helps in ensuring that a person is not kicked out from his or her business career in future.

Tech Start-Up Legal Issues 4: Exit Strategies: Video 

What you do at the beginning of a business start-up is going to determine your exit strategy. Common strategies of exiting a business are either selling the company or going public. A lot of money, time and infrastructure are needed when a company goes public. Many laws have to be complied with one a business has gone public. The cost of building up a company is much smaller than it used to be three years ago, but its exit is expected to be within the next 3-4 years.

These concepts are important as a business founder may want to or be forced to exit the business. When evaluating a business career exit strategies should be analyzed so that when that time comes leaving will be easy. 

Tech Start-Up Legal Issues 6: A VC’s Advice: Video

Greatest legal challenges that tech start-up faces is the employees’ issue. From the video, the investor is well aware of where challenges businesses faces originate from. Starters should have structures to manage incidences where essential employees quit their job. Starters should spend on legal matters sparingly. Founders should be read the standard venture capital document of the sector they want to venture.

These concepts are important in the sense that they address the challenges start-ups are likely to face. Having the plan to solve a case where a vital employee quit working is crucial in any business as it helps in evading losses that would have been incurred before a worker replacement is found. A business idea that inspired by the above concept is creating a website that avails business starters with standard venture capital document that suits their area of specialization.

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