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1 Lecture Questions

There will be one narrative question given out after each lecture (except on Lecture 1). The narrative question will have several related questions that are associated with one particular issue of focus. The day after each lecture, you will also receive some reading materials related to each lecture, the video of that lecture, the PDF of that lecture, and the Lecture Question of that lecture. The reading material will be selectively drawn from the references that are listed below each lecture and will be limited to the maximum amount for 3 hours reading at 250 words/minute. (See below)

The lectures and reading materials will be the sources for you to answer the narrative question with 300-400 words. (The evaluation rubric below in Grading Section)

2 Lecture Notes

Your lecture notes should capture important information that I have presented in my lecture. The purpose of this for you to understand many aspects and information that are given in my lecture, and for me measure how much you learn and understand beyond the limited scope of my Lecture Question. You can write your lecture note the way you usually write notes in lectures. You can write like in bullet points, or incomplete sentences. They should be typed when you hand them in.

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