Leading and Managing Change

Paper details: “In the wake of Covid-19, organizations are fundamentally rethinking their product and service portfolios, reinventing their supply chains, pursuing large-scale organizational restructuring and digital transformation, and rebuilding to correct systemic racism from the ground up. Traditional change management process won’t cut it.”

Using a relevant business / company specific example, supported by appropriate literature and theory, you are to write:

a) A1,500 wordprofessionally written and presented business report which:
1) Evaluates how corporate strategies and management practices have been affected by the current VUCA environment in your chosen organisation, and demonstrates how this has influenced their business approaches to planned and unplanned change

2) Gives an example of a recent or current change (planned or unplanned) within your organisation which is supported by relevant change management theory
3) Makes recommendations to support the business in attaining success, which takes into consideration key areas of note identified within the report

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