Leadership and Management Discussions Week 2


Leadership and Management Discussions Week 2

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Write 3 independent posts (paragraphs) of less than 250 words each to reply to both topics below (3 posts per topic, 6 in total) Your initial post sets the stage for discussion. Bring in the course readings (Gerzon, Covey, Collins, etc. and attributions) to support your position. ALL posts also conclude with a question to your colleagues to “deepen the dialogue,” and take the dialogue one step further. In all three posts, state your position, defend it, promote deeper examination in a spirit of inquiry, and encourage conversation. Some notes on voice and protocol: “Voice” is developed within the discipline of making a statement of your position (support or refute) and then defending it with citations and references to support your point of view. Avoid beginning with “I think” or “In my opinion.” Claim your voice. You have a place at the discussion table. You must provide a supported point of view, away from opinion. In text citations support your position. Be concise, 250-word limit. *Complete your post with a question that will deepen our inquiry – not like a quiz or written exam question, but a question that continues to examine the topic, looking for elements or challenges.
TOPIC 1: Lifelong Learning Assumptions
In what ways might a commitment to lifelong learning support dedication to the Code of Professional Conduct?
TOPIC 2: The Call for Leadership
Our reading this week from the US Department of Labor’s occupational outlook presents a positive outlook for jobs in the industry, especially for those with certification or licensure, as well as the increased need for scrutiny, changing laws, and start up businesses.
How might Gerzon’s perspectives about leadership and conflict (from Chapters 1, 2, and 3,) influence the nature (and possible rewrite) of this report?

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