Latino Politics in the United States Final Essay


Latino Politics in the United States Final Essay

Paper details:

1.Several of the readings were informed by radical/Marxist perspectives. It is important to acknowledge that the so-called Marxist perspective(s) is not homogeneous and the readings were diverse in theoretical terms. What does your understanding of a “Marxist” perspective(s) bring to the interrogation of Mexican American or Chicana/o politics in the US.

Note: In some of the readings the writers are more implicit and others more explicit in their use of a Marxist critique of capitalism. Hint: I consider the writers of economic democracy radical in their critique of the US economy. Although the writers on economic democracy don’t deal directly with Mexican Americans their critique has implications for all people including people of Mexican Origin in the US.

2.The course description in the syllabus says the following: A unique feature of the course is to go beyond electoral politics, the so-called ballot box and examine the underpinnings of power (economic and political) in the study of Latinos in the United States. Explain and describe this process in going beyond electoral process and answer the question why the growing Latino population alone is NO guarantee that Red States like Texas and Arizona will turn a solid and strong Blue State.

(Read the article on Chicano politics in Texas very carefully) Do not rely only on this article to answer this question. Link to article:

MLA Format, No abstract necessary, the assignment is to write an essay answering the above questions in the essay!

The articles have been attached to read and use in the essay. For the “Latino Question” article/book only read the forward, intro, and Chapter 1 and 3! You are allowed to use outside sources with citations. The bibliography is not included in the word count!

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