Language and Literacy

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Order instructions:

There are 5 parts to this assignment (A, B, C, D, and E). I have already completed part A for you.

I have provided the templates that you need to use for parts B and E because they have to be typed in the template. I have also provided examples of what it should look like, and resources for you to use. Parts C and D just need to be on separate word documents (I have also provided an example for that).

FOR PART B: I have provided two examples and I want it to be very similar to those examples (I just do not want it to be plagiarized). I also teach preschool and we use Teaching strategies (GOLD) that alignment with state standards.
I want to use these two standards for my assignment.

•LL.P.2.2 Recognize common sounds at the beginning of a series of words.
•LL.P.2.4 Identify words that rhyme.

I have to have 3 lesson plans that align with those standards. The examples I provided are very good and got a great score! Each lesson needs to be 60 minutes and for all three lessons that is a total of 180 minutes.

I have already selected one class. I have 15 students total. 10 males and 5 females. 1 male has a speech IEP plan.

Select one class or group of children for your edTPA and provide relevant context information.
Identify a learning segment (3–5 consecutive learning experiences) to plan, teach, and analyze children’s learning.
Determine a central focus for your learning segment that will allow you to address children’s language and literacy development in an interdisciplinary context through active and multimodal learning experiences.
Write and submit a plan for each learning experience within the learning segment.
Select and submit key instructional materials.
Identify the vocabulary3 children need to know and use to engage in the learning experience. Identify the learning activity where children are supported to use this vocabulary.
Respond to commentary prompts prior to teaching the learning segment.
Submit copies and/or directions for all planned assessments from the learning segment (see Assessment Task 3 for directions on the common assessment and collection of work samples).
Identify 2 focus children (see Instruction Task 2 and Assessment Task 3 for directions on choosing the focus children, video evidence, and work samples).

¤ Part A: Context for Learning Information (I have already completed this part. I just provided it for your information).
¤ Part B: Plans for Learning Segment (I have provided the template for you).
¤ Part C: Instructional Materials (Needs to be on a separate word document)
¤ Part D: Assessments (Needs to be on a separate word document).
¤ Part E: Planning Commentary (I have provided the template for you).

Part B Lesson Plan has a 4 page limit per lesson. So each lesson needs to be 4 pages. (A total of 12 pages for part B).
Part C can be 2 pages
Part D can be 2 pages
Part E has a 9 single spaces page limit. I want part E to be 7 pages.

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