journalism article on small businesses during the pandemic

Paper details:

Your article must do the following:
· Have an angle designed to garner general interest
· Have a clear, unobtrusive lead that expresses the angle
· Use quotations and grammatically integrate in news article-appropriate style
· Break paragraphs into readable chunks of information
· Provide context and other clarifying information such that some research will be
· Use details in accordance with Cappon’s AP Guide’s recommendations
· Use vivid, clear language and interesting, appropriate description
· Follow the AP Stylebook’s standards for style, attribution, term use, etc.
· Be mechanically and grammatically consistent and correct

I have attached a screenshot of google forms with responses from a plant selling business that specializes in succulents called Backyard Harvest (name is Jaime Gapasin) and a sneaker reseller called JEBShoesv(name is Jordan Bulda)

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