Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology: Gender Equality and Maternal Burnout

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Gender Equality and Maternal Burnout

Include the following in your paper:
Please include in the order listed below.

A. Background of the Study
Title and Author(s) of the Article
Include Title of Journal (including year of publication of the article).
Do the researcher(s) qualifications/position indicate a degree of knowledge in the field?
Does the title accurately describe the article?
Purpose/Research Problem
What is the topic or research question/hypothesis of this study?
Is it clearly defined?
What are the ways this study speaks to your question or topic of interest?
Theoretical framework & type of study
Identify the primary perspective/theoretical framework of the journal article.
Is it demographic in its perspective on diversity? Is the perspective ideological? Is the perspective political in nature, or oriented toward social justice? In other words, how, overall, do the authors of the paper define and conceive of the topic of diversity?
Is it Indigenous, Cross-Cultural validation, or Cross-Cultural comparison?
Sample of the study and selection procedure
How were the sample collected?
Is it of adequate size?
Ethical Considerations
Were the participants fully informed about the nature of the research?
Were the four fundamental moral principles: autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, and justice supported?
Is there evidence of bias or a conflict of interest?
Method used in the present study
Has the data gathering instrument been described? Is it appropriate?
Were reliability and validity testing undertaken and the results discussed?
How was the questionnaire distributed, how was the interview conducted, how was the experiment conducted, etc.)?
Data analysis/Results
What type of data and statistical analysis was undertaken?
How many of the sample participated?

B. Article Critique Summary
Confidence in Results
Do you have confidence in the research findings? (Were there critical flaws in the study’s design?)
Does the study generalize to other people that were not the subject of the research? (For example, elementary school study results being generalized to all human population.)
Were the strengths and limitations of the study including generalizability discussed?
What does the study mean in the big picture and how does it apply to society in “general”? (How does this study and its results impact society in general?)
Was the significance of the findings discussed?
Suggested Improvements
Was a recommendation for future research made?
How might you redo the study if you were to conduct it?
Overall Summary

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