Jojo Rabbit New criticism paper

Paper details:

Your first Paper is a new criticism paper, so you will be applying the strategies you learned in the new criticism chapter to either one of the two poems listed in this module that I have provided or the movie from class. Your task is to do a close reading of one of the poems or the movie and note any items that pertain to a general theme that the poem or movie supports. Your analysis must be represented in the poem or movie and not just your own idea of what you think about the poem or movie. You are not doing a subjective interpretation. You are doing an analysis based strictly on what you think the poems or movie supports by the just the information in the artifact.

Paper Requirements: Five paragraph essay, with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your thesis will be the last sentence of the first paragraph and should state clearly and concisely what the theme you think the poem or movie supports. You should consider including the three main points you will talk about in the body paragraphs with examples from the movie or poems. Each body paragraph will begin with a topic sentence that supports your thesis. Your topic sentence should then be supported by an example from the poem/movie, and finally you need to discuss briefly why the examples you found support the thesis. Each paragraph should be five sentences long.

Your paper should be MLA format, You can check this link for MLA paper format.

Note where and how your name is listed, the spacing, and page numbers for MLA

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