Johnathan Paul Case Study (more instruction in jp case study.pdf)


Johnathan Paul Case Study (more instruction in jp case study.pdf)

Paper details:

Please follow the instruction carefully and see the rubric before writing. I’ve selected 10 colleges but you have the privilege to change any of them to make better decision. After considering the vignette above and the transcript, resume, and brag sheet, imagine that you are having an upcoming meeting with Jonathan’s parents, and you want to prepare a list of colleges and programs you would recommend for Jonathan.
Part A: College & Programs List

Research and select 10 colleges that you would suggest to Jonathan Paul, based upon the information provided. For each college you choose, please write a brief (2-3 sentence) description explaining your selection and why each is a good fit for Jonathan. Along with conceptualizing Jonathan’s case as a whole, also remember to consider colleges that offer a range of selectivity (“likely”, “target”, “reach”) and to think about the financial fit for the family. This section can be presented as a bulleted list.

Also research and select four additional opportunity programs, specialized academic programs, or scholarships that you would provide financial or academic support for Jonathan. You could include statewide programs, federal programs, specific programs at a specific colleges, or national scholarships such as Posse or Questbridge. These can apply to your state of residence. Please write a brief (2-3 sentence) description explaining your selection. This section can be presented as a bulleted list.

Part B-C: Parent Meeting

B. Imagine that, when Jonathan’s parents arrive for the meeting, they explain that they are hesitant about sending Jonathan to college, as they are unsure about why he wants to attend and concerned about finances. Write a transcript of what you would say to the parents in response. In doing so, please make sure to include how you would explain important elements of the financial aid, such as cost of attendance, sources of financial aid, and scholarships.

C. Imagine that, after the first part of the conversation, Jonathan’s parents agree that they are interested in Jonathan attending college and want to learn more about next steps. Write a transcript of what you would say. In doing so, please give an overview of the college process timeline and highlight areas of importance (e.g. standardized testing, college tours/fairs, letter of recommendation, essays and supplements).

Please note, for the transcript, it does not necessarily mean a script, although you are welcome to anticipate the parents’ responses. Instead, “transcript” simply means you should write out what you imagine you would say to the family. This means writing in first person, using a conversational tone, and explaining in the way you would use when working with families. E.g. “As John Paul’s college counselor, I am here to make sure he has what he needs to…… I understand you may be worried about…..”

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