John Rawls’ Theory on the Difference Principle

Paper details:

Go into specific detail concerning Rawls’s ideas on the redistribution of wealth. That is, you must review his theory on the “difference principle” After you have carefully reviewed his argument from specific information from the text, you can then make a case that he was right or wrong about his ideas. 

Keep in mind that you will have to review this principle is detail and use some evidence from his book in the topic, A Theory of Justice, before you make the case that there are problems with his idea. 
Paper Requirements:

Write a 3 page double-spaced paper (750 words). Proper grammar and spelling are required.  Papers must include a cover page and a references page.  APA style is required. All sources must come from peer reviewed articles. This means that most websites (Wikipedia,, and similar websites) must not be used. Encyclopedias and textbooks should not be used in research papers. You may refer to them, but their use should be very minimal.

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