John Cage


John Cage

Paper details:

WATCH & LISTEN to all the media files below.
READ/peruse the two texts for additional insights.
WRITE at least 1 response to each of the 9 media pieces & articles. Express any new insights or questions that come up for you or how the additional information has supplemented your understanding of these John Cage works.

1) A detailed look at piano preparation by Margaret Leng Tan, one of Cage’s colleagues who has become an aficionado of the form:

2) An excellent audio example of how Cage’s prepared piano music sounds like an Indonesian percussion orchestra, the Gamelan:

3) And an actual Gamelan:

4) A beautiful, very contemporary prepared piano piece by the German composer, Hauschka:

5) A short interview with Cage near the end of his life in which he talks about is favorite sound experience, silence.

(**NOTE** – you only need to watch from the beginning through 4:20)

6) A couple versions of the score. Note that “Tacet” is a musical term which means “Do Nothing” or “Be Silent.”

7) An amazing performance of Cage’s most famous piece by the BBC Symphony Orchestra:

8) A super-interesting in-depth investigation and explanation of 4’33”:

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