Is Bitcoin a safe haven and a hedge against Economic Policy Uncertainty shocks?

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Order instructions:I attached a word file called ‘START HERE’. This file includes details and specifications required.
Writer is expected to have background knowledge with Eviews software to do regressions of time series data and test for correlations.
I am not from an english speaking country. If the writer is, please inform him/her to take that into consideration.
Data, methodology and results are the most important part with highest weight of total grade.
Please inform the writer that we use Bloomberg database, Eikon, and Refinitiv for data. And Eviews for quantitative analysis and regressions at my university. Background knowledge with Eviews is most crucial, regarding data, the writer can acquire it from other sources if he/she has no access to mentioned platforms, but please inform me in advance, in order to reduce review times.
Regarding the sources, somewhere between 50-100 must be good, but there is no pre-specified requirement.

Final Point: I attached several files but maximum allowed was 10. I have around 40 more files (papers from previous research to ) left, which I think will same the writer much time and direct them in the right direction. I suppose.
Please inform me how to send what is left from the material.

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