Investigating my Future with Criminal Minds

The crosshairs of criminals and behaviorism, also the examination and profiling of repeating offenders are all important features of this career called forensic psychology. Forensic psychology has two levels E and A which stands for entry and advanced; the advanced level has at least one year of experience but also the evaluation of the individuals skill level (Forensic).For years I have researched how people think and feel but also criminal law and justice.
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Criminals, specifically those that commit gruesome crimes such murders and serial killers have a different train of thought this thought process is analyzed by forensic psychology and made into a profile or a MO, modus operandi, which refers to the operation of someone’s habits. I like to analyze information and body language of others. I would have to have these skills for profiling criminals based on their actions and habits. I understand that this job is dangerous dealing with criminals and digging into the root of why they got to the point of committing crimes. According to “”How Thinking About Murderers As Hunters Could Help the Police [analysis].”” with this job you have to be able to think that the criminal is a hunter this can help them identify the age ranges, marital status, criminal history or other details.
Choosing the career of a forensic psychologist means I would have to have certain educational requirements such as a GBC and stages 1 and 2 of the BPS diploma in forensic psychology (Cardwell). According to “”How to Become a forensic psychologist”” it is best to start with the basics of a bachelor’s degree then work my way up following with more advanced courses to get my license and certification finally being on my way to start my career. On the pursuit of this career it would be safe to say that talking and working with a forensic psychologist leveled as an A would be part of the certification and licensing requirements. Responsibilities of this job would vary depending on what your expertise of the field so would your salary or payment plan.
I know that most of the time forensic psychologist work hourly and with many individual companies or law enforcement groups dealing with repeating offenders. Normally they travel to different states and places sometimes to more dangerous environments and meeting with the ones you have helped create and MO for (forensic). In this career I would be meeting and creating profiles for serious criminals like rapist, murderers and many others. According to “”Forensic Psychology”” the work environment can be traumatically stressful and full of hardships that one has to overcome while still working with a clear head.
With being a forensic psychology it would expand on my knowledge of the minds of criminals. I really enjoy analyzing how people think because i find the different thought processes of everyone interesting. I would also be helping keep others safe by putting dangerous people away in prison or possibly pychwards. My only drawbacks that I can think of would be my fear of putting people who are innocent away, keeping my job and personal life separate and not taking things personally. I have the tendency to overthink things and if someone was to get away with certain criminal acts I would probably dwell on it for a while. In recent years, I am starting to be able to separate aspects of my life in specific ways such as my personal life from work and school. This makes it easier to not get attached to a case or dwell on it but have a professional outlook and focus on the case.
This job requires intelligence of how to scrutinize others actions into a or many thought processes including a trigger, a behavior, a motive and a description of a physical appearance. A trigger is what sets the person off such as a memory being brought back that was blocked out from a traumatic experience. The behavior is exactly what it sounds like the behavior or mental state.The behavior for a criminal’s crime might be he or she likes to stalk, kidnap, manipulate, torture and groom their victims. Whether they choose a victim due to their physical description, occupation, or /and age ( How Thinking About Murderers As Hunters Could Help the Police [analysis]). A movitive includes why a person acts the way they do such as a past experience, etcetera. According to “”How Thinking About Murderers as Hunters Could Help the Police [analysis]”” forensic psychology would be able to tell what type of person could have committed the crime.

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