Interview Script

Paper details: During the interview the student should:
• State the purpose of the interview to the client
• Identify each stage of the interview & a few of the items covered during each of the stages
• Ask open ended/closed ended questions as a means to capture the client’s experience
• Demonstrate various interpersonal helping skills throughout the interview
• Build upon the previous skills demonstrated (prepare a check list of the skills that you will demonstrate)

For this skills demonstration, students can use an existing role play or use a case study to create a role play of an initial interview.

Note: This interview should focus on asking open ended questions to the client; the questions should differ from those on the Ecomap; however, you may want to proceed as if the initial interview is the next step of the intake process and/or reference the Ecomap.

– I will attach the initial Ecomap interview to build off of and as an example. Should be written out interview questions followed with the answers.

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