intentional or an unintentional tort

Now suppose you are one of the owners of a limited liability…

Now suppose you are one of the owners of a limited liability corporation that owns some restaurants. One of your waiters takes an order for hot tea from a customer. The waiter places hot water in a tea pot and a teacup with tea bag on the table and turns to get another table’s order. As the waiter turns, he bumps into another customer on his way to the restroom. The waiter falls back a bit and jostles the table with the teapot, spilling the hot water into that table’s seated customer’s lap. That customer, an overweight elderly woman, has to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because of the burns from the spilled hot water. Would this be a tort? If so, would it be an intentional or an unintentional tort? Finally, would you as an owner be personally liable if the customer decided to sue?

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