Intelligence and Counterintelligence Assignment # 2

Paper details:Assignment #2
1) Explain the five counterintelligence objectives of the U.S. Counterintelligence Strategy (2020-2022). The CI Strategy document is located in the Week 8 Reading assignments. 2) What are the internal safeguards to achieve these objectives? For #2 refer to the textbook, the CI Strategy and any other sources you may choose to use.

Page Length: Minimum of 2 full pages of written content, double-spaced. More than 2 pages are allowed.
Place your name only in the upper left of the paper. No cover sheets.
Write in paragraphs and avoid outlines or bullet points.
Cite the textbook and other references using APA citation style
Reference page is a separate page and does not count toward the two written page requirement

Required Textbooks
Lowenthal, M.M. (2020). Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy, 8 th ed. CQ Press. ISBN: 9781544325064

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