Influential Transformational-Servant Leader Presentation

Influential Transformational-Servant Leader Presentation

Paper details:

Prepare and deliver a 5-minute presentation on a contemporary leader(must be a leader alive now) of your choosing that models both transformational leadership principles and servant leadership principles. Give a brief history of their accomplishments in 30 seconds or less.

1) Outline how the leader embodies Bass’s (1985, 1990, Bass & Avolio, 1993, 1994 as cited in Northouse 2019) Four Factors of Transformational Leadership.

2) Outline how the leader demonstrates Spears (2002, as cited in Northouse, 2019) Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader.

3) What other characteristics make them a good leader?

4) What weaknesses reveal their humanity?

(I need a speech of about 200 words and a 3 page ppt. The chosen leader must be alive today. and I have uploaded the required references and the ppt required by the professor during the class.Thanks!)

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