In this forum you will post an intelligence collection-related question to your classmates.

The purpose of this forum is to allow you to synthesize the material in the class to-date and to allow you to take any topic we are discussing and to synthesize this into a point of view that results in a question. We have covered a range of collection activities in this course from which you draw upon to pose a question to the class.  In this forum you will post an intelligence collection-related question to your classmates.  

Often our research leads us to new ideas and in the end we discover that all we have are simply more questions. In this forum, I will be looking for you to develop a topic from the assigned material and to use analysis/synthesis, induction/deduction (critical thinking) to formulate a question you have about the course material (therefore it should relate to intelligence collection).  Choose a topic/question based on your curiosity and interest driven by what you’ve been able to synthesize from the material in the course. The grade will be based on your articulation of the background to your question and the clarity of your question. The grade will also be based on your interaction and response to the questions and postings of others. You are expected to apply critical analysis and thinking skills to the questions of others.

The Forum is graded based on the quality of the question (so be curious!), the articulation of the background to the question,  and your interaction with your fellow students (you need at least two responsive and engaging postings that add value to the Forums). Please try to exceed the minimum number of interactive postings.

To help you truly understand the importance of mindful and thoughtful inquiry, I have linked in this video. It is important that you watch this, for what you can learn here applies not to just this discussion, but every aspect of your studies (and career as well).

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