Implications and Applications

Paper details:

Based on your reading, thinking, and forum participation, choose one of the three texts to be the focus of an essay in which you discuss real-world application of its ideas. In addition to the usual emphasis on clear context and organization and on detailed development, you now need to find at least two additional texts related to the topic that you can use as sources and integrate into your discussion. (These do not need to be “scholarly” in the sense of publication in academic journals, but they should definitely be more substantive and content-rich than a typical blog post.) Make useful connections among your three texts, erring on the side of overexplanation if necessary, but be sure that your own “take” on the topic is the dominant, controlling voice in the discussion. (Feel free to send me partial drafts in progress for feedback while you’re working; submit your finished draft via the Uploads link by the end of the unit.)

the reading is:

The Gospel of Doubt by CASEY GERALD

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