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Assignment 1: The Writing Plan

In Weeks 1 through 3, you’ll develop your productivity skill by using technology tools to create a plan for completing the next two assignments. Your Writing Plan will help you to prepare for working on Assignments 2 and 3. You’ll create a schedule of tasks that shows where, when, and how you will work on your writing assignments. You will compose and submit Assignment 1 using the assignment templates in the webtext.

Due: Week 3 Points: 120
Skills Being Assessed: Productivity and Technology
What to submit/deliverables: Webtext assignment templates compiled into one Word document
What is the value of doing this assignment?
When you have several deadlines to meet, it can feel overwhelming. But, by planning your time
and using technology, you can increase your productivity so you can meet your deadlines.
Using planning strategies and digital tools, such as the webtext, allows you to effectively
manage your time and efficiently complete your work, anytime and anywhere.
For many, the hardest part of writing is getting started. Before you even begin to write, however,
you need to have a plan. Just as architects don’t build houses without a well-thought plan,
writers also need a plan before starting to write. That is why for your first assignment you will work
on creating a plan for writing. You’ll use this plan to help you complete your last two
The three assignments in this course build on each other—much like you would imagine
scaffolding used for building a house with several floors. The carpenter cannot build the third
floor until the second floor is built, and you cannot complete the second assignment until the first
assignment is completed. You’ll also use information from Assignment 2 to inform your writing for
Assignment 3.
Your goal for this assignment is to: Develop a plan for writing (following the writing process:
prewrite, draft, revise) using technology tools (your webtext).
Step 1: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 2.
Step 2: Complete the assignment templates in the webtext – Chapter 3.
Step 3: Download your completed assignment from the webtext.
● You must finish all assignment templates (Chapter 2 and Chapter 3) before you are able
to download your completed assignment.
● Your assignment download from the webtext will be a Word document—available after
you complete the last template for Assignment 1 in the webtext.

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