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You have read (and we have discussed) the nature of imperialism and its various manifestations around the world.  Carefully consider imperialism in Africa, India, and Latin America.  Craft an argument about which version was “worst.”  This means you will need to create some kind of criteria for judgment – think about long and short-term effects, power dynamics, social and ecological impacts, etc.  Have a thesis statement at the start of the essay, then, in your body, explain each point and support with evidence from the textbook.  Part of your argument should address the other two regions.  So, if you think imperialism was the worst in Africa, you’ll need to explain imperialism in India and Latin America and why Africa was worse.  You should have a concluding paragraph restating your thesis and summarizing your main points.  Be clear and concise.  Imagine your reader knows nothing about history.  Your aim is to teach your reader the basics of late 19th century imperialism and convince them of your argument.

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