Identifying Writing Genres

M3D1: Identifying Writing Genres

Professional Writing Genres

Professional writing genres are forms of writings designed to meet official purposes. Professional genres convey clear and precise messages that are meant to influence an authorized activity. I will look at how to prepare meeting minutes in my post. Meeting minutes are crafted to keep records of important things during a meeting. Today businesses treasure minute-taking skills as it determines the strategies, implementations, and general progress of a company.

The essential elements of preparing minutes.

A professional writer should only document important information when recording minutes. The writing should only focus on necessary activities that may help the organization for reference purposes. The minutes should not be too long as it could lead to the erosion of central concepts. Summarizing and taking notes are critical skills for writing effective meeting minutes.

The minutes should include the venue, time, and dates of the meeting. The minutes should state the members who attended the meeting and maybe those who did not attend. Recording this information enables an individual to remember the events during the session and monitor present situations.

Professional writers should also adhere to standard writing formats such as observing grammatical rules and maintaining uniformity. The genre should also address the stakeholders according to their titles or honors, such as Dr. Dwayne (Purdue Writing Lab, n.d.).

Challenges in preparing meeting minutes

It must be appreciated that recording a conversation can be a hectic activity. One is likely to lose concentration when taking minutes or may tense up due to the task’s demands. Therefore, a professional writer needs to relax and organize himself/herself before the meeting’s actual date. A minute taker should be familiar with the topics of discussion, venue, and the members expected to attend the meeting. A professional writer should also take time to rest and mentally prepare before the meeting happens. Recording unnecessary details may also limit the success of minutes taking, and therefore, professional writers should develop the skills of notes taking (Mesquita, 2020).

Although I have never drafted meeting minutes, I believe minutes are essential genres that professional writers must learn. It is not enough to know the format of minutes since it requires other skills such as listening and notes taking. Minutes are very significant since they can be used as references and can determine an organization’s success.


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