human factors operations management

  • Subject: Management
  • Style: Harvard
  • Number of pages: 10 pages/double spaced (2750 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 12
  • Extra features: Abstract page

Order instructions:

In attachment -LGMT_420_Research_Paper_Requirements-1
breaks down how to write the paper.

In attachment- project online references (10 topics)- A list of some good reference- you can use or use others if you want.

The operations function is the center of an organization and controls all of the functions within a business. Operations Management (OM) connects all parts of the business from production, to supply chain, to HR, and to finance.

paper must include these 10
(subject human factors)
-Design of Goods and Services
-Managing Quality
-Process Strategy
-Location Strategies
-Layout Strategies
-Human Resources
-Supply-Chain Management
-Inventory Management

Other Tips
Follow these tips in the body of the paper.
• DO NOT quote from the articles reviewed unless the wording is unique or very special. More than three quotes in the paper would be too many!
• DO NOT copy anything from any source unless you indicate the wording as being quoted and include an accurate reference citation for the source.
• Include a reference citation to support all statements of fact presented in the paper.
• Avoid using the pronouns: you, your, we, our, or us in the paper. Readers may not wish to be so closely involved in the topic.
• Do NOT expand on the findings or draw conclusions that are not directly supported by the research findings discovered in the review of the articles presented.

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