HUM 310

HUM 310

Roosevelt University

Paper #2


Analyze and explain how “power” (from one individual or body to/over another) is illustratively employed in at least three different (+ and/or -) ways by the authors looked at thus far (Joyce, Yeats, and/or Camus) and within the works read thus far (“Araby”, “Easter 1916”, “No Second Troy”, and/or “The Guest”).

Note: You can focus on one type/form of power of your choosing and analyze how it manifests itself in three different texts… or… you can focus on one literary text and analyze how it contains examples/instances of three different types of power relationships.


Your paper’s thesis should explicitly and concisely express what works will be addressed and preview in what ways (regarding how you are defining “power” in each instance).

Sample Outline:

            Introductory paragraph

                        Opening Interest (Anecdotal, factual, statistical, etc.)

                        Lead-in to Topic (texts and/or concept)

                        Thesis Statement

            Body paragraphs (one per supportive/illustrative point being made)

                        Topic Sentence

                        Evidence/Example (Pg. – MLA Cited Quotation from text)

Explanatory argument (how does this selected quote connect to/illustrate your claims of “power”?)

                        Transition (optional transitory sentence moving on to next claim)

            Conclusion Paragraph

                        Restate your paper’s topic and claims

                        Revisit each body paragraph’s best supportive element(s)

Further Requirements:

  • 2 full pages minimum
  • MLA heading and preliminaries
  • Academic page formatting
    • double spacing
    • 12 pt. font
    • indented paragraphs; no extra spaces between
  • Due Date: Friday of Week 5 @ midnight – Bbd upload link

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