HR in Today Business

Question One

In ancient times in most companies, the principal role of human resource had been monitoring and managing the firm’s operations, which usually entailed a lot of paperwork. However with the rapid rate of inventions and innovation in the technology sector, it is evident that most roles of HR in organizations have changed. And it goes without saying that most employees are not pleased with this as they always have to keep pace with any technological initiative that might be introduced by the company.

Additionally, with the growth of the market through e-commerce the HR has been obliged with the task of having to manage its workforce on a global scale. They have the mandate to understand the culture of their diversified employees since the prosperity and growth of their company rely upon this entrepreneurial skill (Childs Jr., 2005, p. 75). Having people from different backgrounds and races work together poses a challenge to the HR. Hence the contemporary HR has to be sensitive to its workers’ individuality to guarantee efficiency in the company’s operations.

Question Two

In this century the effect of the shortage of talent has been witnessed to affect entrepreneurs worldwide. There has been an adoption of new strategies in acquiring and retaining work skills. As a result, the HR has had to revolutionize and evolve so as to sustain talent in a company and bring forth promising outcomes for the organization. 

In conclusion, the evolution in means of communication, there has been a take-over of the baby boom generation by the millennial in the workforce, as they are at a better place to work 24/7 (Conroy, 2007). Despite it being easy to fetch employees through the internet the HR finds it difficult to retain employees that best fit in the organization, an attribute of the workforce in the millennial generation not having a habit of settling for one job for a span more than three years.


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