How well do gun laws work in America?

Paper details:

Rough Breakdown By Section
1) Introduction

2) Literature Review: In depth should use 10+ resources with appropriate citations

3) Theoretical Analysis: analysing and choosing criminological theories 1 or 2 that fit the topic. i.e; strain theory, conflict theory, rational choice theory

4) Research Methods: what research methods would be used to gather information to come to a conclusive result.

5) Potential Research Problems & Resolutions:
Research Validity, Limitations and Concerns

Sources are provided for what I wrote in prior paper.

The paper I am uploading was from a prerequisite course and I was told I can use it as a basis to create a real in depth research proposal. I need to take what I have refine it and expand it to meet the 15 page requirement.

“Someone should be able to pick up your proposals and go out and perform the research based off what you have written.”
– My Professor

I attached my syllabus so you can get a feel for my professor and see his brief breakdown of the proposal.

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