How to Write a Five Page Paper Fast

Writing a Five-Page Paper

5 page essay fast

The workload required in writing a five-page essay is no easy task. You are required to spend a significant amount of time to think, research, plan, write, proofread and edit. Smart2write has scripted this post to particularly help students who require guidance on how they can effectively complete a 5-page paper fast.

You need sufficient and detailed information to compile a five-page paper. Therefore, it goes without saying that the first task in writing such a paper is organizing and handling information overload. So how can you deal with a 5-page paper effectively?

How much time does it Take to Write a 5 Page Paper?

There is no specific answer to this question, but on average writing, a five-page paper can take roughly 8 – 48 hours.

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When deciding how much time to spend writing a 5-page essay, there are some factors that play a crucial role. These factors entail the complexity of the topic, research methods, organization, and typing skills. All these determine the time taken to complete a five-page paper.

This post will teach you how to write a five-page essay in 10 hours or less. Following these steps appropriately will earn you a ticket to become good at writing quickly and smartly and be on your way to getting that A plus score.

Below is a quick breakdown of the time allocation. Usually writing process is categorized into three steps:

  • Pre-writing
  • Writing
  • Post writing

There are other smaller processes in each of the above steps. The following list will show the specific time attached to each mini-step:

A. Pre Writing – 5 hours

Brainstorming – 1 hour

Outlining – 1 hour

Research – 3 hours

B. Writing – 3 hours

Title – 10 minutes

Introduction – 30 minutes

Body – 2 hours

Conclusion – 20 minutes

C. Post Writing – 2 hours 

Rewriting/editing – 30 minutes

Formatting/Referencing – one hour

Proofreading – 30 minutes

1. Pre Writing Tips

Maintain your focus. Make a schedule for your paper and put it somewhere you can see it. This could be on the wall close to your table. Strictly observe the time assigned to each process and turn off all sources that might cause distraction when you work.

Brainstorm. This allows your imagination and thinking capacity to expand. This step is crucial as it eliminates the time wasted as you pause to think during the writing process. Your brainstorming position should be relaxing but not too comfortable. Ask yourself the following questions about the topic:

  • What meaning does the topic have?
  • What is the objective of writing on such a topic?
  • What are the real challenges of writing on this topic?
  • What are the probable solutions to these challenges?
  • Has the topic been dealt with before? What approach did they take?
  • What unique approach do you intend to take?
  • What are your research materials and resources?

Outline. An outline serves as a skeleton that helps give your paper shape. This framework gives a writer direction for the writing process. It also ensures you maintain track all through. Feel free to jot down as many outlines until you find one that satisfies you.

Research: How to Manage Information Overload in the Writing of a 5 Page Paper?

Begin the research from the ‘easiest’ sources, then proceed to the ‘tough’ sources. An example of an easy source would be interviewing and discussing the topic with your lecturers, colleagues and friends. The opinions they share can have an impact on defining your essay.

Next, you can proceed to do online research for journals and articles.

Make a list of every research you do. Note the result, the site and the date of the information gotten. This will help in organizing the references in the end.

When collecting information, you cannot use every detail that you find. It would help if you only went for what is relevant. How do you know what to omit?

You can observe the timeline and decide to ignore old information. For instance, depending on your desired timeline, you can ignore articles that are more than ten years old or go for those utmost five years old. You can select the source with information that raises answerable questions.

Countercheck authenticity. The internet offers a lot of information, but not all of it is accurate and true. It is gradually becoming hard to filter truth from lies. Therefore, our Smart2write writing panel recommend you only stick to trusted websites. The websites are usually peer-reviewed. Most institutions offer an online database from where you can get these trustworthy websites. You could also consider asking your lecturer which websites are authentic.

Another way of verifying information is by cross-referencing it with other sources. So long as materials are addressing a similar subject, their message should not be too different. Suppose you find the source you have selected is too different from all the other materials on the same subject, then it is likely wrong.

2. Writing Tips

> Compose the Title. The titles should be short but relevant to the essay. You can compose an excellent topic by writing a brief summary of the thesis statement.

> Introduction. Introduce the subject matter in question in one paragraph. Introductions should contain the thesis statement. A thesis statement can be one or two sentences, and it concludes the introduction (put last).

> Body. It can comprise a series of supporting paragraphs. Usually, a five-page paper will contain between 5-8 supporting paragraphs. However, this will depend on instructions given in terms of spacing, font size and sentences required for each paragraph. Each paragraph should have a unique point, and make sure the opening sentence puts the best point forward.

> Conclusion. This briefly summarises the entire paper. This is the part you should restate your thesis statement. The conclusion can also contain recommendations or a call to action to the readers. This can be done by suggesting materials for further reading.

3. Post Writing Tips

  • Editing/Rewriting. This is the time to make your essay precise and compact. Good editing makes the paper perfect. The easiest way to make edits and rewrite is by reading the essay aloud to yourself. As you read, you will notice sentences that need changes. You will also hear yourself out and get the message your readers are likely to perceive. Whenever you feel the tone does not match your intention, rewrite the part.
  • Proofread. Check for grammatical errors, punctuation errors, typos, and misspellings. Since you typed out the paper fast, it is normal to have made a few errors here and there. Sometimes you can reread the paper and fail to notice errors. Therefore, it is a great idea to consult a professional who can proofread the paper and rectify the little mistake in your paper. We offer this service too, and we recommend it because it will save you time.
  • Formatting/referencing. The font type, font size, and line spaces define a paper’s format. Different assignments will require a particular formatting style, so review the paper’s instruction to know the formatting required. This is the time also to observe the desired referencing style, whether APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard or any other. If you need to complete the paper really fast, you could resort to free online generators for this. Although you will have to counter-check cause sometimes the generators are faulty. Alternatively, you could hire our fast essay wiring services anytime and get a faultless paper.

And with the above tips, you are ready. Completing a five-page paper has never been this easy, right? Put the tips to practice and get excellent results! Good luck!

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