How the site constraints and outline impact the construction technologies used

In terms of a business location, we can say the business is in a suitable locality based on accessibility to transport and also if it supports industrialization. However, several constraints require careful planning so that building regulations are certified. The following text is going to highlight the constraints, how the machines used may be impacted and how to build the storey as quick as possible.

To begin with, due to the proximity of major roads, building such a massive storey that is meant to stay may be affected by unpredictable plans of road expansions. The government may require modifications of the road, and this may have adverse effects even to the extent of demolishing the storey (Sadeghpour and Andayesh). However, this can be avoided by ensuring that the legal authority in the region acknowledges the site. Also, since the storey requires a stable foundation, digging such a foundation with two building very close may be a problem. This has the impact of interfering on the building firmness and safety to clients and generally the public. Besides, such activities would inconvenience the neighbouring buildings routine as well. The heavy machinery that will also be used may affect activities ongoing in the adjacent buildings. Therefore this might cause a problem due to the proximity of the two buildings, and careful consideration is essential.

In conclusion, to speed up building construction, a realistic time plan should be agreed upon, and the contract should be well funded. This has the impact of giving workers the morale of working harder since they know their reward. Also, the funds must be adequate so that efficient and machines are involved in the construction, for instance, micro-piles should be employed, which will enable construction regardless of the type of soil in the site.ioi

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