How the NYT stands up for Women in India

How the NYT stands up for Women in India

Student A has sampled the article highlighting the relation between the prime minister’s political party and the recent crimes committed against women in India. The student supports the article because members of Modi’s political party committed the alleged crimes to women. Though some political leaders are much away of crimes happening and have the power to stop it, they never do a thing due to some political interests.

“After a girl was kidnapped, raped, and tortured in India’s northern states, the article states that Modi waited too long to respond. Worse, the article claims is that his response was weak and that it didn’t directly name his political party as responsible for inciting the violence (Board).” From this, we can all concur with the student’s point of view. The prime minister was doing all that he could in his power to shield members of his political party from being penalized for their crimes. According to the article, it was Modi’s responsibility to update the citizens on what had happened to the girl and the appropriate course of action his government was taking. But nothing of this sort was going to happen since the crime’s culprits were Modi’s political allies. And when the prime minister finally appeared to the public, he did not give the response that was expected. I believe what the student is trying to imply by ‘his response was’ is that the prime minister did not reassure women of India of their safety. The crimes and corrupt under Modi’s rule cannot be assumed, and there is substantial evidence pointing to the criminals. The failure of the government to take measures that will straighten issues is because of political constraints and agendas.

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