How important is the leader’s perspective regarding his/her role

View the video: Lead like the great conductors.

Itay Talgam offers profound insight into leadership when he says: “But what about the conductor? What can you say the conductor was doing, actually? Um, he was happy. And I often show this to senior management. People get annoyed. ‘You come to work. How come you’re so happy?’ Something must be wrong there, yeah? But he’s spreading happiness. And I think the happiness, the important thing is this happiness does not come from only his own story and his joy of the music. The joy is about enabling other people’s stories to be heard at the same time.” 

Using various conductors as examples of leadership, Maestro Talgam suggests leadership is not a matter of authority. Rather leadership is a means to involve others, facilitate their investment, and maximize their contribution.

Take a few minutes to consider the examples presented in this talk. Consider each conductor (Carlos Klieber, Ricardo Muti, Richard Strauss, Herbert von Karajan, and Leonard Bernstein). Consider each conductor’s purpose as a leader.

How important is the leader’s perspective regarding his/her role?

What are the potential results/consequences of the leader’s perspective?

How do you see yourself as a leader? With which conductor do you most readily identify?

What lessons might you apply in your professional setting? How so?

BOOK ISBN: 0133008606

Author: Gosselin, D. K.

Publisher: Pearson

Edition: 5th edition

Chapter 11 – The Police Response to IPV

On Tuesday night, Officer Jones was working the evening shift and received a call of an ongoing fight at 50 Spring Street in his city. On his arrival, he heard a woman yelling and screaming obscenities. He entered the house and found the woman standing over a man who was obviously drunk. “She hit me,” said the drunk. The woman yelled louder, calling him names and pointing to her head, “just look at this!”

 What is the goal of the police officer in this situation? Be sure to include the myths and reality of intimate partner violence.

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