How far does the gender of ESL students impact their performance offline classroom?

Paper details:Generally speaking the paper needs to be strong and well written. It will be judged by several experts in the field.
1- Improve the writing and in depth structure of the paper.
2-Amend it to focus on the offline aspect of ESL learning  to provide better answer to the research question.
3- include the questionnaire and how the data analysis will be done in a practical convincing doable manner
4- Should show proof it is still doable even if you have a full time job. How?
5- Provide more details about the novelty knowledge part the research will bring to what already has been done.
6- the didactic part
To sum up part 1 of the didactics research project:- has an interesting research topic, original question, needs theoretical readings to root the work in an area of didactics research, identifies key concepts-essential ideas, and describes the state of the art. once acquainted with the needed research tools need  to create a methodological framework. The collection of a corpus has to be done in accordance with the work structure .
Improve methodology practicality, corpus. How to collect it step by step which country/ies which source-type of school, accuracy—what has been covered so far in US, Europe, Asia etc…where is the gap …but stay focused
Examples of references
Ruhlen’s ‘mother tongue’ theory
The Power of Pedagogy: Negotiating identities of competence in the language classroom. Jim Cummins University of Toronto, Canada
Kramsch C (2009)-the multilingual subject
The plurastic approaches to language learning
(elements that could be tackled: Linguistic and cultural norms: what should be taught?
Primary/secondary…etc adult… school foreign language teaching/ESL and learning: difficulties-solutions
Pluralistic techniques include an integrated didactic approach to languages, an intercultural approach to languages, Multilingualism etc….
The important thing is to be able to relate to the research question showing in depth analysis and proving novelty and contribution.

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