How COVID 19 impacts the office market in Hong Kong

Paper details: This is the comment from meeting with professor on xxxx
– Attached Excel – where the data applied for linear regression model under section 10 in the paper. My professor thinks it s useless so happy if you can provide a better statistic tests or hypothesis for supporting what i have written in the paper. He also comment that Office space links with GDP or demand for service companies , add more variables on the statistical test and include graphs
– The Content of paper is messy and must add “literature review” after research introduction and reorganised the content to make it clear and organised

– The front page of the attachment is comments from my professor and kindly assure his comments are included in your work

– have been working with my current professor for 10 months so he has some background of what i have been doing and your work should be consist of what i have done.

i will need a powerpoint for presentation and another revision after submission , so this is not one time business. Also my current GPA is 3.63 so i target an A for this paper to graduate with a distinction. This paper is my last subject before graduation

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