Holistic nursing

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In this Assignment, you will use self-reflection and self-assessment methods to describe how you have integrated holistic nursing principles into your professional practice.

View page 23 of the Holistic Nursing Certification Examinations Handbook for Candidates and Application. Develop your self-assessment/self-reflection statement according to the following guidelines.

AHNCC. (n.d.). Holistic Nursing Certification Examinations Handbook for Candidates and Application. Retrieved from http://www.ptcny.com/pdf/AHNCC.pdf

Think about an extant holistic nursing theory or theories and related concepts and assess how they guide your life and practice (e.g., Watson, Newman, Erickson, Parse, Rogers, and Nightingale).
How does your selected theory support your practice of the five core values in your life and your practice?
Adhere to the following style guidelines:

Include name, address, phone, and email address on each page.

Titles and subject headings are required for each heading.

Create your title from words used in the discussion. For example, the title might be: The Conceptual Foundations of my Holistic Nursing Practice. The subject head might be: Conceptual Foundations.

Start each question on a new page. Responses to each question are limited to 3 pages.

Include the honor code (below) and your signature on the last page of your SRA. Save your SRA with a copy of your application packet. You do not need to submit it with your application.

Honor Code: I understand and agree that all the documents submitted by me for the self-reflective assessment are based on my self-reflection and self-assessment. I also understand and agree that all statements in my self-assessment refer to my personal life situation and experiences.

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