History of slavery in Canada

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Essay Question: Explain why our conceptualization of history is fundamental for our understanding of the history of slavery in Canada and the catalysts for social change. Explain how slavery is defined and how it was racialized. Carefully explain whether slavery is only a function of race or whether there are other aspects that intersect here that can be illustrated by the history of slavery in Canada. What does the history of slavery indicate to us about the catalysts for social change, the ultimate foundation for human rights, and the character of the state and legislation?

Length: 6 pages maximum
Format: Double-spaced. .5” (Half Inch) Margins. Times New Roman Font. Size 12. Citations and Bibliography: APA format (see posted instructions on essay writing)

Important note:, The course texts are to be used as the main source for writing this paper.
Students are expected to reference the required readings and lecture material for this course as the FOUNDATION for their essays. No internet sources are to be consulted or referenced except for those listed in the course syllabus. Students are expected to use the library to make use of one or two additional books/journal articles after completing the paper as a SUPPLEMENT to course materials and lectures to support a point already made in the paper. The library material is not to be a main source for the paper. This is NOT a research paper. Carefully collect, organize and explain the material you use from the course in order to present a clear, coherent & systematic answer to the question you choose

Remember: You do not have room in a 6-page paper for large or even small direct quotations longer than 1 line. So you are better off paraphrasing or using less than one line direct quotes, citing them, and then explaining their meaning and significance in terms of the issue you are addressing in that section of the paper.

1) First pick the question and break it down to ALL the ideas, issues, questions, etc that it is asking you to discuss. Most students do not have a good understanding of what the question is asking. This requires you to examine the question carefully.
2) You need to select the course material that is relevant for each specific aspect of the question that you are discussing. This also takes time and thought. You then need to organize the material and write out the essay’s various parts while at the same time thinking about the fact that YOU ARE NOT JUST STRINGING RANDOM INFORMATION TOGETHER but presenting a series of arguments/ explanations that are answering each part of the question. Of course you have to think about how each idea and how each argument and each aspect of the question RELATE OR CONNECT TO ONE ANOTHER.
3) Then you have to figure out in what order you are going to present what you have written. What makes the most sense,? What order best shows the connection between the ideas and arguments you are presenting?
If you jump from one aspect to another without any coherence the paper will not make any sense.
4) AFTER you have written the paper then you construct the opening paragraph summarizing what you are arguing (including the main thesis which addresses the main questions asked in the paper’s question you chose) and the other main sub arguments you are presenting. You can’t write an introduction before you have actually done the question and figured out what you have discovered and argued in answering the various aspects of the question.
5) The concluding section of the paper is not just a summary of the introduction again but rather an occasion for you to think about the implications of what you have discovered and written. This is where you can
raise further issues, implications and problems (for example regarding democracy or equality or etc.) you may have discovered along the way.

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