History of American Medicine & Public Health

Paper details:

Documents 2-7 in chapter 6 (Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public Health, Edited by John Harley Warner and Janet A. Tighe, Boston: Cengage, 2001.)
describe the concerns of women and men in various medical professions and social situations during the U.S. Civil War. Are the concerns voiced by women such as Harriet Martineau, Kate Cumming, and Louisa May Alcott different from those expressed by men such as Stephen Smith, James Moore, and the all-male Council of Citizens’ Association of New York? The purpose of this discussion is to notice the similarities and differences in the things they noticed and their approaches to addressing the problems they identified. 

Create a post from the perspective of a health care worker (can be a doctor, nurse, or someone else) seeing the inside of a battlefield hospital for the first time during the Civil War. In your post, identify whether you are a man or a woman (woman), from the North or South, and whether you are in a Union or Confederate hospital. Then, after identifying who and where you are, describe the first thing you see that you find interesting, disturbing, or surprising. 

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