History debate

1. What is your position on slavery?  Be as specific as possible.

I consider slavery to be an evil act. This can be seen by freeing inherited slaves before going to the Supreme Court. Slavery is an issue that can be resolved gradually by members of where it exists.

2. What is your position on segregation, race differences, and society in general?
My stand regarding difference race is although slaves have released from their owners there remains a difference between races. The course of this argument is, admitting that all individuals who were not citizens of the several States during the period of adopting the Constitution do not qualify for citizenship just like that. 

3. Which Supreme Court case(s) and/or laws legitimize your position?
The Scott v. Sandford case legitimizes my stands. A free Black person of the African race, whose fore-parents were brought to the US and sold, is not a citizen within the lines of the Constitution of the America. This is because when the Constitution was being adopted these persons we not part of any of the State’s membership. As a result, the special rights and privileges guaranteed to citizens cannot be channeled to them. Also not being citizens within the meaning of the Constitution deprives them the right to sue.

4. What strategy do you advocate in order to achieve your goal(s)?

To accomplish my goals, I would avoid being involved in controversies that may jeopardize my reputation.

5. What is your position on federal government intervention?

I am the fifth chief justice of the Supreme Court of America. Well known for the Dred Scott decision in the late 18050’s.

6. What ideologies and/or religious beliefs support your position?

According to Christian’s teaching, those in power should not allow evil-doing to continue yet; they have the authority to change that. I am the voice of the weak and minority in ensuring that they are treated justly.

7. Which group(s) do you see as your biggest threat to achieving your goal(s)?

The Senate is the biggest threat to achieving my goal; many of its members would do all they can in opposing anything so long as I am involved.

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