HIM 4413: Health Care Marketing in the UAE Writing Exercise

CLO1- : Analyze the fundamentals of strategic planning and management in health care

  1. This question has two case studies.

A)   SHIFA Hospital is a 500-bed private hospital serving patients in Dubai. This hospital wants to expand and specialize in Plastic Surgery to serve the whole GCC region. To do so, they have recently invested a lot of money in upgrading their Plastic surgery care facilities and hired doctors and nurses specially trained in routine and complicated Plastic surgeries.  Although there is another Plastic surgery clinic in Dubai (Amex GIT Clinic), the hospital is hoping the business will go well since they have competent healthcare force and has always had good reputation and excellent management. The management is developing a new organizational mission statement to reflect the expanded coverage area and focus on the newly upgraded area of specialization.  The hospital management also decided that they will have to increase their fees to make reasonable profit.

  1. Based on the case study, if you conduct a SWOT analysis for the hospital, what will be a likely strength to SHIFA Hospital?  (10 Marks)                                                                 
  2. Based on the case study, if you conduct a SWOT analysis for the hospital, what will be a potential threat to SHIFA Hospital? (10 Marks)

B)  Company OREGON sells stationery products (i.e., pencils, pens, and other writing and office materials) at a very low price as compared to other stationery stores in Abu Dhabi. The company uses self-service machines (i.e., customers pay for what they buy by using electronic self-checkout system). This helps reduce the number of employees and thus labor costs. To further reduce costs, OREGON built a distribution center that supplies stationery to its 60 stores located at different locations in Abu Dhabi. With this arrangement company is able to purchase stationery in large quantities from stationery producers at lowered prices, which further helps to reduce costs. Additionally, company also invested in information systems to track what was being sold daily in its stores. This information system helps company to manage its inventory (i.e., complete list of items such as pencils, pens in stock) more efficiently than its rivals.

  1. At the most basic level, how do you think company OREGON is able to attain competitive advantage (i.e., what ‘generic competency’ does it apply)?                                    
  • Outline the distinctive competencies used by company L to attain competitive advantage over its rivals?                                                                                                              

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